7 Day Money Back Guarantee

  1. Oliver Walsh Autos offer to all retail customers (not Trade Sales) a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee on the purchase ofYour Goods. The 7 Days commence from the day after the date on which delivery takes place and are inclusive of weekends and bank holidays. The 7 Day Money Back Guarantee is in addition to and does not affect Your statutory consumer rights. To serve notice of Your intention to invoke this cancellation please see clause 2 and it is subject to the following conditions;
    1. There is a duty of care forYou to return the Goods in a condition commensurate with that at the time of delivery.We reserve the right, entirely at Our own discretion, to charge You any amounts required to return the Goods to their condition at the time of delivery.
    2. All vehicles returned will be subject to a returns fee of €300 which represents the non-refundable administration fee, and costs associated with re-preparation of the vehicle to return it to sale or for its disposal.
    3. A usage charge will be applied relating to the mileage that the vehicle has been driven underYour ownership, representing the increase in miles during the period between delivery of the vehicle to You and the subsequent return of the vehicle, as evidenced by the odometer at the time of return and the original mileage as documented at the point of delivery. The mileage charge will be:


Miles Driven

Usage Charge

0-100 miles

No charge

over 100 miles

€2 per mile applicable to the entire additional miles

For illustration a vehicle driven 100 miles will incur no usage charge. A vehicle driven 101 miles would incur a usage charge of €202 (€2 x 101 miles).

  1. IfWe agree to recover the vehicle We reserve the right entirely at Our own discretion to charge a collection fee that will reflect our costs of collection from Ourclosest Place of Business to Your place of residence.
  2. All documentation provided with theGoodsat time of delivery is returned at the same time as the Goods.
  3. An agreed location, date and time for a return or collection of a vehicle will be made in writing betweenYou andUs which will be no more than 5 days from the notification by You of the cancellation. If You fail to return the goods at the agreed time We reserve the right to charge a Failed Appointment Charge in accordance with clause 11. Under Distance Contracts the return date will be extended to 14 days from the notification by You of the cancellation.
  4. Wewill refund You any amounts due after adjusting for any returns fee, usage charges or other charges as soon as reasonably possible (and in any event within fourteen (14) days of cancellation). If Your purchase included a part exchange vehicle please review clause 2 regarding the treatment of this.



Clause 2:

If this agreement is cancelled after Your used vehicle has been delivered to UsWe later may cancel the agreement to purchase Your used vehicle, provided that, if We have before cancellation sold or thereafter sell the used vehicle You shall be entitled to the profit or shall bear the loss (as the case may be) on the resale of Your used vehicle (in calculating this profit or loss Our reasonable selling expenses shall be taken into account)

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