Finance at Oliver Walsh

Oliver Walsh makes it easy to finance a new car. We have a wide range of flexible financing options to fit your lifestyle and budget, and our Sales Team can help you find the perfect finance option, with competitive rates.

Experienced difficulty in attaining finance before?

This may be for one of the following reasons:

  • You’ve never borrowed before and therefore have no history for the banks to review.
  • You may have had problems in the past and missed some payments on your mortgage, credit card or short term loan.
  • You are not a home owner.

No Need to Worry !

We have recently partnered with a new car finance company who aim to accept applicants falling into these criteria. You can rest assured, and we are delighted to help you drive your chosen new or used car home.

Call us on 091 796 333 to get your wheels turning!  OR avail of the finance calculator provided below, for some guideline pricing:

Vehicle Finance Application

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  • Finance Type: Hire Purchase
  • Retail Price:
  • Your Deposit:
  • Finance Amount:
  • APR:
  • Minimum Deposit Percentage:
  • Document Fee: 75.00
  • Completion Fee: 75.00
  • Term:
  • Total Cost of Credit:
  • Total Amount Payable:
  • Representative APR:
  • Monthly Repayments:

Finance Config

  • showWeeklyPrice: 1
  • showMonthlyPrice: 1
  • showFinance: 0
  • rate: 7.90
  • depositPercentage: 10
  • minCarValue: 5000.00
  • minCarYear: 13
  • repaymentTerms: 60
  • CIfinanceFlag: 0
  • providerID: 3
  • customRate: 7.90
  • customDepositPer: 10
  • providerImage:
  • showRepApr: 1
  • showStdApr: 1
  • documentFeeText: Document Fee
  • documentFeeAmount: 75.00
  • completionFeeText: Completion Fee
  • completionFeeAmount: 75.00
  • financeFormHeader: Vehicle Finance Application
  • calWarningText:
  • hirePurchaseText: Hire Purchase
  • financeHoverMessage: Hire Purchase is a traditional form of car finance which is structured to suit your budget with fixed monthly payments throughout the agreement. At the end of the agreement and once the final payment is made, you then own the car. Other finance offers may be available, please visit the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission website for independent advice on the product.
  • whatHappensForm:
  • hasCustomDepositPercentage: 1
  • hasCustomRate: 1
  • dealerID: 72226
  • apr_asterix:

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Data Protection and Consents

Warning! if you do not meet the repayments on your credit agreement, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, (which maylimit your ability to access credit in the future).

The information that you provide on this proposal form will be forwarded to one or more financial institutions, being members of the Irish Finance Houses Association, and will be used by them for the purposes of assessing the suitability for you of their finance products, potentially offering you a product or a quote. As part of this process, credit searches will be made with one or more credit reference agencies, including the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB), which will make a record of the search. Details of any agreement you enter into, and your conduct of that agreement, may be shared with the credit reference agencies, ICB and their members. Searches may also be carried out to verify your identity, and you may be contacted directly (including by telephone) for the purposes of verifying the information on this form. Credit scoring and other automated decision-making process may be used. By ticking the consent box below, I certify that I consent to the use and disclosure of this information for the purposes set out above. I acknowledge that the recipients of this information are authorised to contact me and to disclose any material misstatements of fact on this proposal to their members and other relevant bodies.

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