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Car Diagnostic Systems

At Oliver Walsh we work with the most up-to-date car diagnostic equipment. Our two main platforms in car diagnostic software include the genuine Hyundai Car Diagnostic System and the Delphi Car Diagnostic System, which together give us a wide range of capability with regards car diagnostic, coving engine management, airbag, abs, esp lights and more….

With the on-going advances in vehicle technology, it is imperative to have access to increasingly sophisticated equipment and technical support in order to offer a professional and profitable service to our customers. Delphi Car Diagnostic Systems offer exactly what is required in the management of car diagnostics, enabling accurate and cost-effective diagnosis, service and repair of today’s modern vehicle.

As vehicles become more reliant on electronics for the management of their on-board systems including fuel management, airbags, immobilizers, ABS and air conditioning, our range of car diagnostic tools help us to meet the challenges presented by these increasingly-complex systems.

Benefits of Diagnostic Checks Include:

  • Enhanced repair efficiency
  • Improved maintenance of your vehicle
  • Greater reliability and longevity
  • Greater safety and security, reduced personal risk
  • Reduced environmental costs notably, pollution
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Our diagnostic systems allow us to quickly see what issues exist in your vehicle and our car diagnostic labour charges start at just €30. Please contact us on 091 796333 for further information or to book a check up! Alternatively, you can contact us directly through our contact page.